Lancaster Care recognises the need for training and support that is responsive and flexible to the parents’ needs.

Our objective is the child’s safety and welfare first and to support the parents to achieve this. We know parents are not perfect, but our aim is for a successful outcome upon completion of their assessment. It will also look at the wider support network and family members as part of the support system.

Because we know families are all individuals and different, which means their capabilities and challenges vary, we try to identify their needs as quickly as possible and in order to carry out our 12-weeks parenting assessment.

The following areas are observed and recorded, as part of their training and support programme:

  • Day-to-day basic childcare
  • Love and affection
  • Consistency and stability
  • Playing and talking
  • Child(ren)’s development
  • Putting the child(ren)’s needs first
  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Meeting the child(ren)’s health
  • Parental health; physical/emotional
  • Engaging with support and services
  • Independent living skills

Our training and support programmes also includes one-to-one sessions, workshops, group meetings. This ensures transparency and trust between the service users and the organisation.


All staff working with Lancaster Care is required to have a minimum of NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care (CYPW) or an equivalent qualification or are working towards it, and experience of working with vulnerable families. We carry out ongoing training with staff that is recorded on a training matrix ensuring compliance with up-to-date statutory requirements, knowledge and skills in relevant topics, regular supervision and team meetings.

For costs and fees please contact us directly on (020) 8355 6071