All packages are individually tailored to the parent(s’) and child(ren)’s particular needs; if required, additional services can be arranged.

At Lancaster Care, we have on staff or access to:

  • Family Support Staff
  • Counsellors
  • Social Worker
  • Psychologists
  • Team Manager

If, as a result of the risk assessment, there is a requirement beyond the standard remit and risks such as:

  • Violent Behaviour
  • Self-harm
  • Domestic Violence
  • Learning difficulties/disabilities;

Arrangements can be made to provide services that meet the additional needs of the parent(s) and/or child(ren). Strategies will be employed, including assessment of needs, parenting groups, parental engagement and multi-agency working. These bespoke packages will need to be negotiated and written into the placement package plan.

For costs and fees please contact us directly on (020) 8355 6071 or