1. Any violence either physical or verbal towards others i.e.: partners, other residents, staff members or children will not be tolerated. The Social Worker and the Police will be informed and you will be asked to leave the Centre.
  2. Lancaster Care will not tolerate any form of discriminatory behaviour, for example, sexist or racist and may result in you being asked to leave the Centre.
  3. Lancaster Care supports a no smoking policy in all areas of the centre, with the exception of the designated smoking area, this applies to residents and their visitors.
  4. Lancaster Care has a no alcohol policy which applies to residents and their visitors.
  5. No person is allowed to bring any illegal substances to the Centre; likewise no one is to use any illegal substances within the centre. Should staff become aware or have concerns relating to this, the Police may be contacted with a view to having the property searched. This would result in the termination of the placement.
    • Should parents or carers bring ‘over the counter medication’ with them whether for themselves or their children, staff must be notified to allow appropriate arrangements to be made for this to be recorded and stored safely.
    • Parents or carers who are prescribed any medication must ensure that upon admission, these are given to the staff in order for them to be monitored and stored safely. This arrangement will be reviewed as the placement progresses.
  6. The fire procedures and fire drills must be adhered to at all times.
  7. Residents are required to notify staff when leaving the premises; this information is needed in the event of a fire.
  8. You are prohibited from leaving your child(ren) in the care of other residents
  9. You must not become involved in the care and control of other children who are resident at Lancaster Care Assessment and Support Centre.
  10. Should you leave the centre without prior agreement thus resulting in the staff having to intervene in the care needs of your child(ren), this may be deemed as ‘abandonment’. Therefore the Local Authority Child Care Services will be informed and this may adversely affect your assessment.
  11. Within the initial 2 weeks of arriving at Lancaster Care, all aspects of daily care for the child(ren) will be closely monitored and supervised. This will be reviewed as the placement progresses.
  12. It is not acceptable to visit other resident’s rooms between the hours of 9pm and 10am.
  13. No pets are allowed at Lancaster Care Assessment and Support Centre.
  14. Visitors are able to attend the Centre as agreed within the pre-placement meeting and are subject to appropriate checks.
  15. It is prohibited to take photographs or video recordings of other residents and their children without the prior consent of residents and staff.