Week 1 and week 2 (Intensive Phase)
During this period residents will remain closely supervised in order for full monitoring to occur. They will be given 1-2 days to settle in. During these 2 days, there will be an opportunity to go through the Parents Handbook and ask any questions in order to clarify anything they are unsure about. They will be shown around the locality and the key venues. During their stay and after week 1, plans will be reviewed weekly with the team and family, and any adjustments based on progress made, to theCare Plan/Placement Plan.

This phase will involve:

  • High level of supervision and monitoring.
  • An assessment of basic care-giving skills and ability to meet own self care skills which will inform the baseline assessment.
  • Core Skills – Basic demonstrations / theory of basic skills e.g. bottle making and T & T etc.
  • Ongoing verbal updates with the social worker
  • Daily record keeping on specific day to day living
  • At the end of the second week an Interim Meeting will be held at which findings from baseline assessments will be shared with the family and other involved professionals, and a Placement Plan will be updated outlining the appropriate level of supervision needed, and any involvement by other professionals outside of the Centre.
  • The parent will be encouraged to contribute to the Placement Plan by recognising areas for development and expectations from their stay.

Week 3 to week 6 (Monitoring Phase)
This phase will involve:

  • Individualised monitoring as agreed at the Interim Meeting in week 2
  • Positive Steps to Parenting programme continues
  • Ongoing verbal updates with the Social Worker
  • Daily record keeping on specific day to day living
  • At week 6, a multi-disciplinary Mid-Point Review meeting (MPR) will be held, involving the parent in order to consider and record the progress made to date, against the targets set at the Interim Meeting (Week 2).

Week 7 to 10 (‘Step Back’ Withdrawal Phase)
During this period, parents may be allowed out of the Centre, independently depending on progress made.

This phase will involve:

  • Continuing on agreed level of supervision from the MPR
  • Ongoing work on the Positive Steps to Parenting Programme
  • Ongoing verbal updates with the Social Worker
  • Daily record keeping on specific day to day living

Week 11 to 12 (Independent Phase)

This phase will involve:

  • Parents should be developing further independence with limited support
  • Re-visiting specific areas of the programme which may need addressing further
  • Formal monitoring of parents perceptions of their progress, as measured against their expectations identified within the keywork sessions.
  • Daily record keeping on specific day to day living
  • Transitional Meeting (TM) addressing progress, issues and/or concerns along with planning of the package of support needed in order for the family to care positively for their children within the community, or otherwise. All relevant agencies involved with the service user and child may be invited if appropriate.
  • At the end of the 12 week assessment period a Transitional Meeting will be held where the outcome of the assessment will be discussed. This will enable important information to be shared and appropriate future plans to be arranged. This will result in a report being produced no later than 2 weeks following the end of the placement.

Whilst basic Residential Assessments are available, as above, we are able to offer additional support services should this be required in order to give parents/carers a fair opportunity to succeed.

For costs and fees please contact us directly on +4420 8406 3419 or email fees@lancastercare.net