Lancaster Care welcomes enquiries from any professional or agency involved with the family, however, a referral must be submitted by way of Lancaster Care’s own referral form from the Local Authority or Courts.

The process of referral is:

Initial contact from professional, agency, Local Authority or Courts

Any initial queries can be addressed by phone or by an onsite visit.

When a referral form is submitted, a decision is made subject to a risk assessment and matching process, at which point a response will be given as quickly as possible.

Once agreed, the Local Authority must issue a Purchase Order number and an IPA (Individual Placement Agreement) before the service user can be placed.

A Placement Planning Meeting should take place within seven days of placement, which ensures all stakeholders and the service user are clear about the process, mutual responsibilities and expectations of the provision.

For costs and fees please contact us directly on (020) 8355 6071