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Lancaster Care Assessment and Support Centre is committed to promoting the best outcomes for children. Our belief is that a successful outcome for each child is the opportunity to grow and thrive in safety. Our philosophy in working with families to fulfil our commitment is that:

  • Each family is unique and will be treated as such.
  • Wherever possible, parents will be supported and enabled to provide their children with an environment where they can grow and thrive in safety.
  • Intervention, support and assessment will be objective, transparent and free from prejudice.
  • Successful outcomes will be achieved through transparency, interdisciplinary and effective communication at all levels.
  • Successful and effective business dealings with a committed, professional and valued staff team will allow us to continue and further develop our commitment to promoting the best outcomes for children.

Lancaster Care relies heavily on its experienced team to fulfil this commitment. The team has extensive experience in all relevant areas of expertise, including:

  • Child Development
  • Education and Training
  • Early Years
  • Court work
  • Promotion of Play
  • Risk Assessment
  • Child Protection
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