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Lancaster Care and Support Centre aims to promote a safe, nurturing and family orientated environment in which each parent is recognised as an individual and each encouraged to reach their full potential. To this end, a range of models and techniques are employed.

Both systemic and humanistic models of support may be used to support both families and individuals, through techniques such as pro-social modelling; solution-focussed coaching; training; motivational interviewing; role-play; music; art and life-story work. The Prochaska and DiClemente ‘Cycle of Change’ model may also be used, particularly where there is a history of substance misuse.

The model of supportive training used will be facilitative, through small, easily assimilated blocks of learning based around practical activity, demonstration and role-play, and supported by the use of resources such as books; games; videos; sequencing; story boards and physical resources

Through skilled intervention, our aim is to engage with the parent/carer managing solutions to identified difficulties together. Where a solution cannot be found, our role will be to assist families, Social Services and the courts by evidencing this through best practice.

In order to assess parental capacity a variety of tools are used, tailored to the needs of the parent. These are incorporated into the Framework of Assessment of Children in Need and their Families and include:

      • Parenting Assessment Manual (PAMs)
        An assessment tool tailored to the needs of parents with learning difficulties
      • Graded Care Profile (GCP) This is a standardised evidenced based assessment tool which can be used across
        a range of parental abilities.

Through the use of a variety of models, tools and techniques as described above, an individual and personalised programme of assessment and support can be tailored to each individual and/or family, giving every opportunity for the parents to display positive parenting.

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