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The aim of Lancaster Care Assessment and Support Centre is to offer guidance and support to parents, enhancing their strengths whilst addressing any identified areas of concern or development.

Lancaster Care Assessment and Support Centre is able to work with families from a wide range of cultural, ethnic and faith backgrounds.

Residential Family Assessments are appropriate where there are ‘serious concerns’ regarding the ability of parents/carers to meet the needs of their child(ren). Each family will be assigned their own manager and key-worker who will work with them to identify difficulties and manage solutions. By ensuring a small dedicated team, children are not exposed to multiple carers, and the parent/carer is able to gain confidence more readily in their abilities.

Our Residential Assessments are typically delivered over a 12 week period, offering comprehensive and individualised packages of care and support. The assessment process will incorporate all aspects of an individual’s parenting.

Prior to admission, families will have received a Parent Handbook and will be encouraged to visit the centre in order to become familiar with the staff and facilities we offer.

For costs and fees please contact us directly on +4420 8406 3419 or email

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