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Day and/or Community Assessments are appropriate where there is concern regarding the abilities of the parent to meet all of the needs of their child(ren) and a Residential Assessment is not considered necessary. These assessments may focus on specific areas of care, or generally across all areas. They may also be used in situations where a parent/carer needs to become familiar with staff before a residential stay.

The Community Assessment is a package which typically comprises of a 6 (six) week; assessment. This is broken down into approximately 17.5 hours per week, and is carried out within the family home/community. In order to meet the individual learning abilities of the parent, this time period can be extended, in consultation with the referrer in order to give parents a fair opportunity to succeed.

A Day Assessment follows the lines set out for a Community Assessment, but involves the parent attending the Centre on a regular daily basis as set out in the care planning, and focuses more directly on training.

Following the completion of our work, an Intervention Planning Meeting (IPM) is held in order to discuss the clear recommendations identified. A thorough and concise written report will be provided to the referrer no later than 2 weeks following the Intervention Planning Meeting (IPM).

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