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Lancaster Care also support shorter placements and other services that may be required such as transition work; supporting a family to make a staged return to the community, or post assessment work. We provide the latter by using staff from the residential team to ensure continuity and consistency for the family.

Such support is designed to safeguard the welfare of the child(ren) of families who have received a positive outcome to their residential assessment, whilst allowing them to undertake a ‘staged’ return to independent community living within the locality. This service is available 7 days per week 7am – 9pm.

Transitional support may include short stay placements in our offsite resource if required, for more information please click here.

Current development initiatives include the possibility of expanding our in-house education, learning and independent living skills resources to include ASDAN/COPE certification which will further enhance the chances of families to gain meaningful experience and recognised qualifications whilst in placement.

The management team are in the process of consultation and will be involving stakeholders in the initial planning process and possible criteria for the project.

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