Lancaster Care Parenting Assessment Centre

We are an independent company offering support to Local Authorities and Parents to achieve positive outcomes for families.

What We Do

We offer both residential and non-residential support and parenting assessment in a safe and supportive environment, which is subject to OFSTED registration. Our residential accommodation has 24-hour support staff. Lancaster Care supports parents and their children, offering opportunities for them to demonstrate their full potential in terms of positive parenting. Where there are weaknesses, we set SMART targets; where there are strengths, we build on them.

Lancaster Care offers a non-judgmental service to parents who have difficulty parenting their babies and young children. Lancaster Care is able to support parents and their children from a range of backgrounds, offering opportunities for parents to demonstrate their full potential in terms of positive parenting.

Lancaster Care is able to offer support to:

    • Young Parents
    • Parents with Learning Difficulty
    • Parents with a history of Substance Misuse

Lancaster Care’s principal role is to undertake an in-depth parenting assessment and Court reports, evidencing the parent’s ability to care for their child over a twelve-week period. This evidence may be used to established their ability and potential to ensure the future safety and wellbeing of their child.

The environment is non-judgemental, using restorative and holistic approaches, which enable parents and their children to thrive.

Parental support and training are key to our methodology, supporting each family and referring agency with an optional after-care support package where appropriate, to further promote continued positive parenting skill development. Our approach is to assess, train, coach, support and evaluate progress allowing the parent to transition through these stages seamlessly thus allowing the both the parent(s) and the local authority evidence of their growth and achievements throughout.

What Our Clients Say

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