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Lancaster Care Parenting Assessment Unit & Support Centre

An independent company offering support to Social Workers and Local Authorities in ensuring the best outcomes for children.

What We Do

We offer both residential (registered for up to 4 families), and non-residential support and parenting assessment in a safe and supportive environment, subject to OFSTED registration.

Lancaster Care is able to support parents and their children from a range of backgrounds, offering opportunities for parents to demonstrate their full potential in terms of positive parenting.

Lancaster Care is able to offer support to:

    • Young Parents
    • Parents with Learning Difficulty
    • Parents with a history of Substance Misuse

Parental support and training is key to our methodology, supporting each family and referring agency with an optional after-care support package where appropriate, to further promote continued positive parenting skill development.

Lancaster Care family Assessment and Support Centre offers the opportunity for the referring agency to track their clients’ weekly progress log via our secure client login facility.

For costs and fees please contact us directly on +4420 8406 3419 or

What Our Clients Say

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